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● AYO's Min.T and Class B's Jinni have been confirmed to be dating. This news comes at the same time that Newsound has debuted the pair's new sub-unit, 2 Namja Yeoja United (2NYU) with the mini album 200%, just in time for Valentine's Day!

● Young Ae Sook has been cast in the new drama "Hyde Jekyll, Me", a story about theme park CEO with Dissociative Identity Disorder and the park's new circus commandant who falls in love with both of his personalities.

● Happy Brand New Year by collab group NEWFAM has hit it at #1 on the music charts!

● Ahn Hye Shin, Xander, & Jin attack the charts with the #2 slot!

● Ahn Hye Shin has made her comeback as AHS with a solo album! After her long awaited comeback her songs and collaborations have slammed music charts with her unique voice at #2, #9, & #10!!

● After a world tour, ri$k has finally made a comeback with the release of their digital single Voodoo Doll!

● Polaris collapsed while filming a performance of his song "GG BE" with Class B's Jewel. He was rushed to the hospital and is expected to remain there for a few days. The rest of his promotions have since been cancelled.

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» Female Groups
Sound Staff
 Posted: Oct 28 2013, 05:48 PM
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open groups

Need a group? You can find one right here! If you need a group set up on this page, please PM Jade and she can add it in for you. Just make sure that you include the following:

  • A brief description (try for no more than four sentences) of the group
  • What company the group is in
  • What the group sounds like
  • Links to images of any existing members
  • Group positions and preferred age ranges
  • A short description of the requested positions

Want to claim a blank spot? That’s easy! Just please talk to the contact listed below for the group you’re interested in, and they can provide answers to any questions you may have!

sounds like: red velvet, miss a
1/4 | trainees
leader: open
fan club name: graces
Charis is an up and coming group of trainees still working hard towards their debut. Their combination of vocals, rap, and dance skill are almost magical, granting them a fitting name. These girls can go from cute to sexy and almost anything in between. Each girl brings her own unique talents to the table, putting a lot of pressure on the group's highly-anticipated debut.

Contact Chen to join.

Character descriptions can be changed by whoever picks them up.

Leader/Lead Vocals: The glue holding the girls all together, she isn't the type to tolerate any large arguments between the other members. She's the rock that is happy to let others lean on her but rarely leans on them. She takes being a leader seriously and doesn't want to show any weakness to the girls because in her mind- if they can't look up to her, who can they look up to?

Main Rapper/Lead Dancer/Vocals: Open

Main Vocals/Lead Rapper/Maknae: Not much younger than the group's visual, she's a little spitfire with a voice like no other, who's used to getting her way. Anything less than what she wants will rarely- if ever- do for her tastes. She won't hesitate to play the maknae card to make others do things for her, but deep down she genuinely loves her group and wouldn't trade working with them for anything.

baek su jin
visual/vocals/main dancer
incheon, south korea
used to be an ulzzang
name | stage name
age spelled out
main rapper/lead dancer/vocals
one fact or secret
name | stage name
age spelled out
one fact or secret
name | stage name
age spelled out
one fact or secret

sounds like: apink, hello venus
0/3 | debuted 2013
leader: open
fan club name: c@ndiez
Just slightly altered from a very famous group "CHARMZ", cha@mz is what's considered a "reboot group. The original group disbanded many years ago after one member left to start a family, but ch@rmz is now considered the second generation of the original. They have the same number of members, same positions, and same overall sound as their namesake group, but with a modern twist. Most of their music is their own, but they've been known to cover the original group's songs now and then. ch@rmz is a group with a cute girls-next-door concept that have granted them the name "South Korea's Sweethearts", and they aren't letting go of that title any time soon.

Contact Jade to join.

Character descriptions can be changed by whoever picks them up.

Leader/Main Vocals/Lead Rapper: Though she originally hoped to debut as a soloist, Sae Guk had other plans and she soon was surprised to find herself the leader of a group with two other girls. But she's grown to love working with them and providing the main vocals to their music. She looks after the other girls as best she can and it's important to her that they all get equal chances to show off their talents, though she still hopes one day to have a solo debut as well.

Visual/Main Rapper/Vocals: She might not have the strongest voice in the trio, but she has the loudest! True to her status as visual, she's always drawing in attention from fans and netizens alike. A ball of energy both on and offstage, she's rarely seen without a smile and is always the one to keep her group's spirits up. Her rapping is just as lively as she is and she never fails to bring a smile to those around her, even when they're feeling their worst.

Maknae/Main Dancer/Lead Vocals: Often deemed "the shy one", she's known to keep to herself even when the cameras are focused on her. Her expressions are typically more telling than her words, but more often than not she lets her actions speak for her. She has a strong love for her group and is known to always thank her fans for all their support. There's no doubt that she's the best dancer in ch@rmz- or maybe even in all of Sae Guk, as her movements are always on point and expressive. Everything she does with dancing and singing alike are filled with heart and passion.

name | stage name
leader/main vocals/lead rapper
one fact or secret
name | stage name
visual/main rapper/vocals
one fact or secret
name | stage name
maknae/main dancer/lead vocals
one fact or secret

like: d-unit, spica, exid, f(x)
3/4 | debuted 2013
leader: Moon
fan club name: Queens
A rather close group, they have strong vocals for ballads as well as upbeat songs. All are extremely talented and are seen as the front-runners in their company. Leader Moon has speed faster than move can blink, visual Krystal is far more than just a pretty face, and maknae Mikki has dancing skills that would have most people hiding under a table. Paired with their power vocalist's strong voice, there's no doubt that they're among OMEGA's most popular groups.

Contact Aura to join.

Power Vocals: open

moon so hyun | moon
leader/main rapper
seoul, south korea
appeared in one of her mother's movies
name | stage name
age spelled out
power vocals
one fact or secret
kang eun bi | kyrstal
lead vocals/visual
seoul, south korea
is half Korean and half Caucasian
seo da hyun | mikki
main dancer/rapper
seoul, south korea
younger sister of Na Young and Jun Young. while in Japan she became a b-girl

sounds like: girls day, snsd
4/5 | debuted february 2014
leader: sang mi
fan club name: des!re
As much as S!REN has you wishing they were your cute little sisters, don't let their sweet looks fool you. These young girls have the bright voices and seductive charm of a full-fledged girl group. Their sound is girlish and playful while still keeping true to the classic rap flair known to OMEGA Entertainment. Most can't believe the powerful vocals coming out of these young girls.

Contact Tei to join.

Character descriptions can be changed by whoever picks them up.

Rapper/Maknae: One of the sickest female rappers of her time and she knows it. She thinks her talent is being wasted in this girly group, and is not the type to keep her thought to herself.

lee sang mi
leader/main dancer
seoul, south korea
older sister of Lee Sang Kyu. made a bet with her dance teacher to prove she could do more than classical dancing.
gwen park
main vocals
seoul, south korea
is clinically depressed and anxious
yang ye jin
lead vocals
seoul, south korea
family name is actually Rim
chae min ji | minji
seoul, south korea
doesn't want to be an idol
name | stage name
one fact or secret

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