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» Birthday Wishes, Rose
Seo Jun Young
 Posted: Dec 26 2014, 02:34 PM
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Tag: Rose bby! ♡♡♡♡

Notes: ♡

If it weren’t for online profiles on official company sites Jun Young would have had no way to sneakily find out when Rose’s birthday was (without raising suspicions) so he could plan ahead. When he didn’t have performances, or other things on his schedule to attend (which wasn’t too common), he took to the streets with his guitar to earn some money. Friends and family questioned once or twice why he had been working himself so hard, to which he replied “Chinese takeout isn’t bad, but I prefer Korean.” He and Rose had managed to keep their relationship off of everyone’s radars; it had become some sort of game, him pushing her buttons, and her insulting him. Jun Young would not have had it any other way—two of his favourite things about her were her wit and sharp tongue. She could make a grown man (that wasn’t him) blush with her vocabulary, but he made her flustered at times with his crazy antics and his easy-going responses to her insults. He always looked forward to his visits to the Class B dorm, especially once he got to know them all. However they weren’t going to be there; he had organised his visit for when they would all be out, so he could set up something special without any of the girls walking in on him (and finding out about his hidden relationship with Rose).

Jun Young pushed the door closed with his foot as he carefully placed the boxes in his hands onto the floor—it was the second time he had been there, the first was at least an hour ago (he had forgotten the decorations). He moved the one that was wrapped up somewhere safe while the opened the other box. The coloured streamers, balloons, banners, and lights were all tangled up together. “Damn it, I swear, if you ruin this I will write a song about you,” he cursed loudly as he started to untangle them all. Armed with sticky-tack, he started to put the decorations up. Once the lights framed the tops of the walls he hung the streamers from the ceiling and blew up balloons, almost leaving himself breathless. If she didn’t like it he hoped that she at least liked her present. After being assaulted by wild balloons while he put up the Happy-Birthday-Rose banner he stepped back to admire his work. That was short lived as he heard the door click—someone was coming, and thankfully he had finished preparing (which took most of the day), but if it wasn’t Rose their secret would probably be ruined.

With his heart beating so fast it felt as if it might jump out of his chest, he grabbed the present and attempted to find somewhere to hide. A familiar voice interrupted his panic and he quickly hid the present behind him before he turned to face her. Thankfully she hadn’t gone to the other room yet, which meant that she was less likely to put him being weird as him being up to something and the fact that it was her Birthday together. “I came to see you, I’ve only been here for a few hours, it doesn’t matter,” he teased lightly with a small smirk. He had to play it cool, or at least try. In all his years of dating, he had never once felt so eager to see the reaction from his girlfriend over a surprise, though it was one of the biggest surprises he had ever done. It entertained him to see her lost for words.

“You should see the main room, it’s a mess. Na Young must have decided to try to decorate.” He sniggered in fake amusement; he’d get in trouble for that later, but right then he had a surprise, and making up such stories could only help. Plus it would get her to pay attention to the room and notice how different it looked, how cheerful and welcoming. Jun Young followed her closely, determined not to miss out on her reaction. “I was going to clean it, but I thought that you should see it first.” He chuckled (passing his nervousness off like he was entertained, but also slightly annoyed by his twin’s antics) and turned around so he could walk in front of her with the present still hidden behind his back. His eyes didn’t leave her the entire time, taking in her facial features and expressions. She was the perfect woman for him (there was so much more to her than she just showed), she made him laugh, shook his heart (which hadn’t been done for quite some time, and not like she had), and gave him something greater to look forward to when he woke up (if he had gone to sleep to begin with). Most of all, he was glad to be spending the night (which was Christmas Eve as well as her Birthday) with his girlfriend.
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Lee Soo Jin
 Posted: Mar 3 2015, 12:52 AM
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The cold was a pest, something equivalent to a hundred little mosquitos biting at every inch of her body, especially those parts of her skin exposed to the air. Rose wasn’t born for this type of weather; the first 15 years of her life she’d spent lavishly under the Southern California sun, where real snow was a mystical being one could only meet high up in the fanciest of ski resorts. In the past four years since moving to Korea, she’d come to expect the blanket of white covering Seoul once December came around, but that didn’t mean she was any more accustomed to dealing with it.


She sighed to herself, expelling a frosty cloud into the night air as she tugged her oversized fur-trim hood closer to her locks of red hair. Her seat—a narrow, stone ledge of a fountain that had frozen over—provided no insulation and only served to steal more and more heat from her body. Rose was trying not to shiver but that wasn’t exactly a physiological reaction one could stop; it was just cold. Damn cold, and snowing, on top of that.

So then why was she even out there? It was Christmas Eve evening and the public plaza she’d found herself in was cluttered with couples, all huddled together and acting couple-y. Those that weren’t outside were most likely tucked into warm homes with their families, still wrapping presents to give to their younger siblings tomorrow. But the thing is that it wasn’t just Christmas Eve; it was also Rose’s birthday.

She was used to it by now, spending her birthday alone. Of course her mom had always made time to celebrate the day by making a cake or some other Filipino dessert for her, but it was every teenager’s wish to have their friends shower them in congratulations on their birthday. For Rose, it was difficult to deal with the fact that her day would always be brushed aside for the more significant occasion of Christmas Eve, and that her friends would never be available to celebrate on her actual birthday because of it, but she learned to accept it with less hissy fits as she grew older.

Even now in Seoul, she hadn’t contested her friends when they said they had other activities planned for the evening. Of course, her groupmates had thrown a mini-celebration for her just as they’d done for Joo Hyun and Na Young in the months prior, but then the group split ways so that they could see different people for the holiday. Her boyfriend—she didn’t even bother asking time from him. She knew how dedicated Jun Young was to his family and couldn’t humble herself to the certainty—in her mind—of rejection if she had even asked.

So Rose went out on her own, because in reality she didn’t want to be on her own. Even sitting amongst the distant company of strangers in the bitter cold was better than being alone today.

But even she had her limits—and it was starting to get really fucking cold. Her lips blew out another frosty sigh as the female stood shakily from her seat, as though the snow had frozen her in place before. Her arms went to wrap around her torso to conserve heat. Time to start the trek back to her empty home.

Scattered thoughts paraded through her mind as Rose shuffled through the snowy sidewalk back to the dorm. For one thing, she was now 19, like for real this time. For real because Koreans liked to count their new age from January so for the whole year people had been telling her she was 19—but now she was actually 19, only not really because back home (and just about anywhere else in the world) she was actually 18. But in Korea she was 19, but also not for long because in a week it would be the New Year and everyone would be saying she was 20—or something. Honestly she never understood why they came up with such a convoluted system in the first place.

The thought led to another huff finding its way out of her lips as she paused to pull her puffy leather jacket down over the olive skin of her exposed hip, and then started walking again.

Either way, “Rose Soojin Lee” was an adult now in every country (as far as she knew, at least). That gave her a sense of independence, or more like confirmed the independence she already commanded. She had started dating again despite her father’s wishes and the violent consequence that came out of it last time (although he had successfully traumatized her enough for Rose to be strict in keeping her new relationship a secret). But maybe now that she was adult, she’d have a good reason to challenge him… well, if he found out, which she would do everything in her power to make sure he didn’t. For now she wasn’t going to risk Jun Young’s safety by mentioning anything of the sort to anyone, not even to their closest friends. She never knew who could be listening.

A part of her did understand some of where her father was coming from—although she was still a little girl when he moved her and her mother to a safer neighborhood, she could remember coming home to random racial slurs scrawled across their walls, supposedly by rival gangs trying to start traction for a coup. As a result, she supposed it was natural for her father to be wary of how a Korean boy and his family would take to her, but that wariness was carried out in a way that was grossly twisted and uncalled for.

There was no justification for what he did to Zach, who had done nothing but support her throughout her life. If she had known how bloody the end to their relationship would be, she would have never tried to take it to a romantic level. It made her afraid to pursue the feelings Jun Young had stirred up in her heart, but over time she had to give in. He made her feel beautiful and loved—for real, not just how she pretended to feel—and for the first time in a long time she was happy. It might not have seemed like it to the average observer who was probably accustom to seeing her roll her eyes and snap at Jun Young for being a wacko, but underneath their little act she really did feel the strength and comfort in their connection. He was the only person she could let her walls down and be herself around, not just the tough, obnoxiously dramatic Rose, but the shy, uncertain Rose budding from the inside.

But there was no point in thinking about him now; that would only make her miss him more. Her long walk came to an end in front of Class B’s front door, with Rose pulling her hood off her head as soon as she came under the shelter of the roof. She blinked a few times to scatter away the snowflakes clinging to her eyelashes. Out in front of the dorm lay a quiet city side-street collecting snow in a shallow layer on the ground, a scene Rose was eager to escape from only because of the cold.

Her hand found the way to the door handle, punching in the code before turning it and pushing it open. Unexpectedly the lights were already on, but what left her even more surprised was the blonde male—and a very familiar one at that—in the middle of their entryway “Jun Young?” she asked, her suspicion confirmed once he turned around to reveal his face. For a second her breath caught in her chest. She had been stubborn in her belief that she wouldn’t see him tonight, and for that belief to be turned on its head left her momentarily speechless.

“What are you doing here?” she asked finally, after coming to terms with him really being there, not just as a hologram she was imagining out of desperate loneliness. Once he told her, she felt her heart skip a beat. He really came out here on Christmas Eve just to see her?

Her expression towards him was a few shades more gentle than it typically was in the presence of others. When they were alone she felt less of a need to hide; although, she still teased him from time to time, like now as she stepped closer to him with one hand resting on her hip and her lips pursed. “Oh really? I thought you had somewhere to be. How long were you waiting for me?” Her pointer finger went out to poke him in the chest before hooking onto his shirt and pulling him in for a kiss, his reward for the kind gesture.

But then he moved away towards the main room, leaving Rose a bit perplexed and a bit inclined to follow him, by the way he was smirking at her. “Wow, you’re so nice to your sister,” she jested with sarcasm, before walking past him to see for herself. Even if it turned out to be “a mess” as he said, she still would have appreciated the attempted festivity from her groupmate (whether or not she voiced it outloud).

What she walked into stopped her in her tracks, the playfulness draining from her face as disbelief took over.

The room, expected to be littered with colored paper and bits of confetti, was beautifully decorated. Lights twinkled around the perimeter of the ceiling, drawing her eyes around the room and revealing streamers and balloons placed in small bursts of color. And if there weren’t enough stunning things in the room, front and center was an eloquent banner with her name on it. Happy Birthday Rose. The young woman blinked repeatedly as she tried to take in all of the sights. Was this… was this really all for her?

“Did you… did you do this?” she asked, turning her neck to look at Jun Young, her face completely void of any anger or harshness. Apart from her regular expression, there was vulnerability in her brown eyes, a little splash of what he had stirred up within her leaking through. Softness. “Did you really do this?” Her voice was softer this time, almost cracking as she glanced back at the decorations. Everything was so beautifully done, almost professional—how did long did it take him to set all of it up? The thought of him spending so much time doing that for her...it was truly touching.
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