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» Second Chance, Jung Ah / Jade
Lee Seung Ho
 Posted: Jan 12 2015, 04:31 AM
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Tag: Jung Ah~ ♡♡


Seung Ho wasn’t known for being out-going, but he often appeared that way in interviews and on TV shows with his former group mates. So some people mistook him to be like that when he wasn’t around them, and it led some to believe that he was a snob. At times it even happened with those that watched him on TV and were certain that they knew him; they knew a bit about him, but he didn’t know them (and that was the problem). It was nerve wrecking for him to talk to strangers; he usually didn’t know what to say, and in haste said something stupid, or just said nothing at all. He dodged the organisers of the masquerade that were setting up others that had come without a date. “I’m meeting someone inside,” he insisted, and they easily believed him. After several minutes of wandering around aimlessly and trying to avoid the crowds he spotted someone familiar. Certain that it was a person he knew; he gently tapped the man on the shoulder. When the man turned around he quickly lifted up his own mask to momentarily reveal his face.

“Hey, it has been a while,” he greeted with a grin and looked around the area; his friend Sang Kyu appeared to be alone. “And strangely you don’t have someone beside you, what is this, Lee Sang Kyu without a date?” he teased with a small smirk as he casually crossed his arms. His smirk slowly faded as he instead raised a brow, curious. “Or are you waiting for someone?” His friend and former group mate asked him the same question, and didn’t like his answer, “…No.”

Sang Kyu had said something along the lines of “It will be fine.” Though he still wasn’t sure about it, he trusted his friend, and (after he put his mask back on) he let Sang Kyu push him over to the tables where the organisers wrote a number down on the hands of those that volunteered to be set up with someone. Unlike the others that had volunteered, he was less than enthusiastic about it all. He felt unsettled to his stomach; most people called it butterflies, but it felt more like a washing machine swishing everything around. As he watched the woman as she wrote a number on his hand with permanent marker he felt his heart thumping hard against his chest. What if he was paired up with someone that despised him, or bullied him in school? Those thoughts terrified him. Forty one; almost the answer to life, but not quite. Once they were out of ear-shot he chuckled to himself over his joke and set out to find Sang Kyu again.

Unfortunately his friend wasn’t alone; he had a “friend” accompanying him; a lady not much shorter than them. She pointed at him and Sang Kyu spun around to talk to him again. The woman with Sang Kyu walked over to join the conversation and folded her arms across her chest. Before Sang Kyu could speak Seung Ho had already opened his mouth, “Forty one, almost the answer to the universe.” He quickly covered his mouth, stopping himself from chuckling at his weak joke. “Though there don’t seem to be too many people here at the moment, if we split up we could cover more space and if we find your match and you don’t like them—but don’t give your number away to them—we could always change your number.” Although the mask covered most of her face, her lips had curved into a smirk and her eyes narrowed mischievously as she grabbed a pen from the small clutch in her hand. “We can do that?” he asked, bewildered. “Of course we can, just keep it our secret, okay?” She winked at him with a grin.

The three split up; Sang Kyu going with Seung Ho, and Joo Hyun by herself. After several unforgettable (but regrettable) conversations, Seung Ho and Sang Kyu were called over by Joo Hyun. Seung Ho’s voice got caught in his throat as he spotted the woman that she had been talking to; she seemed slightly familiar. Before he could back out Sang Kyu had already escorted him over to both ladies. “This is Jung Ah.” Joo Hyun smiled brightly as she introduced the lady next to her. “And that is Sang Kyu and Seung Ho.” She gestured to them both as she spoke. Jung Ah, the cute actress that he had met and embarrassed himself in front of was the person that he had been partnered up with? “Hi,” Seung Ho said quietly, as he fixed his tie (which didn’t need any fixing; he just needed something to fiddle with). Joo Hyun made her way over to Sang Kyu. “Should we stay and make sure he doesn’t go running off anywhere?” she asked him in a whisper, while Seung Ho attempted to talk to Jung Ah. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to; he was scared. He fiddled with the collar of his dress shirt while he prepared himself to speak. “H-hi, how have you been since we last saw each other?” he asked politely, thankful that the mask on his face covered up his flushed cheeks.
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Yoon Jung Ah
 Posted: Feb 7 2015, 08:35 PM
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Sae Guk
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At first the idea of going out to any sort of New Year's party hadn't sounded all that interesting to Jung Ah. Truth be told she would have been happier to have attended some kind of small get together with a few friends, but when said friends had all expressed interest in attending some sort of masquerade the city was hosting and insisted she join them, how could the actress refuse? Besides, even if she would have liked a small gathering more, the idea of getting dressed up for the night- and better yet getting to conceal her face so no one knew who she was- did sound kind of fun.

So a couple of days before New Year's, she had gone out with a friend shopping for the party. Luckily it hadn't taken too long to find what she wanted, and in no time she was ready for the event. When the evening in question came along, she donned her white dress and gold-colored shoes and necklace, but held on to her golden hued mask for the time being. It seemed silly to put it on just yet before she had even gotten there after all. Once she had wrapped herself up in a warm coat, the young lady had set off to meet up with her friends outside the hall the masquerade was being hosted at.

However, when she got there Jung Ah was surprised to not see her friends anywhere. Then again it was rather cold outside. Maybe they had gone in already? It was a thought. As she headed inside, the actress pulled her cell phone from her bag and tried to call one of her friends, but there was no answer. She frowned a little, but had to suppose that for one reason or another, her friend just couldn't answer. Maybe it was too loud inside, or if their coats and bags were being checked or something so they didn't need to carry them around, then it would make trying to call useless in the first place. Oh well. Shrugging it off, she headed inside and finally pulled on her mask as she did. What she found in there was a table set up where it looked like people without groups or dates were getting numbers.

Jung Ah had no idea what that was for, but as she approached the table and was asked whether or not she was there alone, she told them, "Oh, well... I think my friends are in there. I'm not really sure though." That seemed to be close enough to a "no" for the person she spoke to, as soon she found herself with the number forty-one written on the back of her hand. Apparently, it was explained to her, she was supposed to find the person whose number matched her own or something like that. It seemed a little odd, but she just nodded and went further inside after having her coat and bag checked.

Though on second though, maybe she should have kept her coat with her. More often than not, the girl always felt cold and it didn't help that she was wearing a strapless dress. Oh well, it was too late now. Even so, she couldn't help but to idly rub the palms of her hands together to keep them warm as she wandered around inside. Jung Ah looked about for her friends, but couldn't seem to locate them anyways. A small huff escaped her lips; if she didn't know any better, she would have thought they had purposely ditched her or something! Which in itself likely sounded mean, but she doubted there was any ill intent behind it. A couple of girls in her circle of friends were always commenting on how she should go find herself a nice boyfriend or something, she wouldn't have put it past them to have told her to meet them there in hopes of her meeting someone at the masquerade. Well, since she was there anyways she might as well have a good time.

So she wandered about a little, talked to a few people, and so on. Jung Ah was naturally an outgoing person, but it just felt strange, unable to actually see who it was she was talking to completely and to think they couldn't fully see her either. Oh well, it could have been worse, she was sure of that. Eventually however, she did come to recognize one person once they had started chatting. She could pick out Joo Hyun's voice rather easily, and sometime after she had mentioned the number on her hand, the other girl was calling someone over. Jung Ah didn't get much of a chance to ask what she was doing before two young men had come over to join them. She dipped down into a small bow once she was introduced, but only one of the names was unfamiliar to her. Well, not exactly "unfamiliar" as she recognized Sang Kyu as one of NTROPY's members when the group had been together. But he was the only person there, then, that was unfamiliar to her.

A small smile came to her lips as she greeted the idol with, "It's nice to meet you." He in return grinned and nodded his agreement to the statement, then gave Seung Ho a light nudge to try and get him to speak up. Once the other man had spoke, she couldn't help but to smile more as then went on to say, "Well hello again." She didn't fail to notice his nervous fidgeting, but didn't see any need or reason to point it out; it was clear he seemed anxious and she didn't want to make things worse but saying anything about it.

Sang Kyu glanced to Joo Hyun when she joined him again and shook his head. "Nah, I think he'll be fine. It looks like they already know one another, so everything should be okay," was his whispered response. "Let's just let them do their thing or whatever, maybe he'll actually get over his fear of talking to girls." A quiet chuckle left his lips at the thought as he took her hand and led her away, but not before saying to the other pair, "Have fun you two. But not too much fun, got it?"

Once the couple was gone, Jung Ah turned back to Seung Ho and couldn't help but to ask him, "Is he always like that?" She didn't seemed bothered however, as there was a tone of amusement in her voice when she had spoken. One hand came up to fix the way her hair was resting around her shoulders before lowering and once again rubbing against her other palm to try to keep her hands warm. She really should have found a warmer dress, or maybe at least have thought to find something to keep her arms and shoulders warm. Too late now. Her thoughts luckily were soon distracted when Seung Ho spoke up again. "I've been alright. Busy, but what else is new? And what about you?" she asked. Hoping to ease his nervousness a little, she soon added, "I see you still have your soul, you haven't fallen asleep inside Sae Guk then I take it?" She doubted if he would even remember her cheesy joke the last time they had crossed paths, but at the very least she had to hope it would get a smile out of him.

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Lee Seung Ho
 Posted: Feb 17 2015, 01:00 AM
Actor Admin
Actor | Sae Guk
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Tag: Jung Ah~ ♡♡

Notes: I'm sorry that it is rather short! ^^;

Joo Hyun sent a warm smile and a wink her friend’s way; in her eyes there was no better match for either of the Sae Guk actors. From what she had heard from Sang Kyu, Seung Ho was shy, but a good guy; and Jung Ah was not only pretty, but friendly and patient. With his tendency to hide away, he needed someone that was patient and wouldn’t scare him away (in other words, he needed someone like a certain actress that Joo Hyun knew).

“It’s nice to see you again,” Seung Ho said with a polite bow towards his label mate. Before he slowly stood up straight, he looked at his best friend with wide eyes and mouthed “What do I do?” The actress had gone along with his cheesiness before, but certainly she would eventually get sick of it, he was sure of that.

“I hope so—he seems nice, and Jung Ah needs someone like that,” Joo Hyun whispered back. “Yah.” She lightly slapped his arm in a playful manner. However, she couldn’t stop herself from laughing.

A heavy sigh left his mouth as he heard Sang Kyu’s parting words to them. He playfully glared after his friend, only to have his attention pulled away when the actress spoke. “Yes, he is. See what I have to put up with?” he joked as he ran his hand over his hair, making sure that it was neat. Honestly, he really didn’t mind the teasing and joking around; though being left alone with a girl did bother him. It wasn’t just any girl either—it was Yoon Jung Ah. Although she didn’t complain at all, he had noticed her rubbing her hands together. “Here.” Without any hesitation he took off his tuxedo jacket and placed it around her shoulders, all while smiling shyly. “If you are still cold I can treat you to something warm to drink, as a thank you for being so kind and welcoming to me.” He mustered up some courage and held his hand out to her.

“I’m glad to hear that, but I hope you get plenty of rest as well.” It had been going well, until her question about what he had been up to. It made him pause for a moment; other than work, hanging out with friends, and catching up with family he really hadn’t been up to much. “Just the usual; work, supervising my friends, and spending time with family,” he said. Any anxiousness he had felt eased as she made her joke; the fact that Jung Ah had remembered their inside joke also made him feel quite special. He politely covered his mouth with his hands as he laughed heartily. “No, I have my alarm set for every five minutes, just in case I start to doze off,” he answered, smiling brightly while he fixed his shirt. His reply may have been cringe worthy, but he didn’t care, he was just thankful to be talking to her (even if he felt like his heart was going to leap out of his chest).
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