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● AYO's Min.T and Class B's Jinni have been confirmed to be dating. This news comes at the same time that Newsound has debuted the pair's new sub-unit, 2 Namja Yeoja United (2NYU) with the mini album 200%, just in time for Valentine's Day!

● Young Ae Sook has been cast in the new drama "Hyde Jekyll, Me", a story about theme park CEO with Dissociative Identity Disorder and the park's new circus commandant who falls in love with both of his personalities.

● Happy Brand New Year by collab group NEWFAM has hit it at #1 on the music charts!

● Ahn Hye Shin, Xander, & Jin attack the charts with the #2 slot!

● Ahn Hye Shin has made her comeback as AHS with a solo album! After her long awaited comeback her songs and collaborations have slammed music charts with her unique voice at #2, #9, & #10!!

● After a world tour, ri$k has finally made a comeback with the release of their digital single Voodoo Doll!

● Polaris collapsed while filming a performance of his song "GG BE" with Class B's Jewel. He was rushed to the hospital and is expected to remain there for a few days. The rest of his promotions have since been cancelled.

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» { some type of way }, chan ryul <3
Gwen Park
 Posted: Dec 26 2014, 08:19 PM
main singer of s!ren
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every little thing you do got me feeling some type of way
chan ryul
It had only taken Gwen and Chan Ryul a week to not only create the choreography but also to perfect the dance that the two would be shooting. To some it may have been a miracle to produce a piece in a short amount of time, but for Gwen and surely Chan Ryul as well, it was normal. In fact, there have been many times where the twenty year old had to re-make and revise her dance numbers for YouTube as well as K-Pop star in a matter of days and sometimes even hours. If things didn’t work out, whether it be with dancing or singing, Gwen was quick to scrap it out and start fresh. She never comprised her artistic integrity, and she was glad nothing drastic had to be changed over the week for her newest YouTube video to the song “It Won’t Stop” by Sevyn Streeter and Chris Brown.

Already changed into the monochromatic yet body hugging outfit that had gone well with the simplistic tone she had been aiming for, all Gwen had been waiting for was for her friend who would be filming the video to be done setting up, as well as Chan Ryul who seemed to be MIA. Usually by this point Gwen would have flipped out at whoever was late, bombarding their phones with constant phone calls and texts. But today she had all the time in the world. Most of her schedules were either canceled or pushed back to a later time. She had a few hours until her next schedule, so rather than freaking out, Gwen decided to play the music.

Her body swayed to the beat of the music, her legs and arms hitting every note. Rather than half assing it, she went full out. She extended her arms to the fullest, her movements each big and fluid. Although the venue they would be shooting in today had no mirrors, her eyes fixated on the wall before her, almost as if there was one. In fact, the studio she had picked out for the day was basic, but with the right editing, it would cohesively go with the vibe of the video and dance. It would also help capture the essence of the two’s dance talents as well as the chemistry that they would hopefully play off as well.

As Gwen continued to practice in tune of the song, having it on a never ending loop, she waited for Chan Ryul or the half and hour mark to arrive. She would take the appropriate action to whichever came about first.
© kristen
Oh Chan Ryul
 Posted: Mar 5 2015, 02:12 PM
22 | chance
omega entertainment
back-up dancer
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lately i've been walking
words: idk. tag: gwen.
“Aigoo!” bellowed Chan Ryul as he slung his athletic bag over his shoulder and stretched up toward the sky, his wrists elongating his arms as far as they would go. The gesture sent a wave of endorphins through his weak muscles, enough to energize his movement forward to the main door of the studio where his next dance project would be. Who said idols were the only ones busy? Granted, he more commonly found himself in periods of infrequent work, but there were some months when Chan Ryul was even busier than some of their famous friends. This happened to be one of those times.

A lot of groups were scheduled to make their comebacks soon, which meant countless hours in the dance rooms learning new routines and rehearsing them. This time around, he had also choreographed a couple of numbers, such as the one for ri$k’s song “Good Luck”—the title track for their upcoming album. That meant his presence was required not only to teach the group the dance but also to attend their music video shoot and make sure all was going according to plan. And on top of that, he still had his dance class to teach. Granted, that job wasn’t his highest priority (he had only picked it up as a means to make a few extra bucks when he didn’t have so many), but since his students were all between the ages of four and eight, he couldn’t bring himself to let them down.

Today there had been a minor fiasco: one the girls’ mothers didn’t come to pick her up on time. With the baby girl hysteric in a fit of tears, Chan Ryul did his best to comfort her as they waited for the woman to finally mosey in. Apparently, her nail appointment had taken longer than expected. Holding back his irritation, Chan Ryul put on a smile as he waved goodbye to little Ji Eun and then bolted off toward the studio to meet Gwen. She probably wouldn’t be too happy about his late arrival, but there wasn’t anything either of them could do about it.

Walking out onto the set, he bowed his head at every person that he passed. There weren’t that many, since this was only a side project he’d agreed to help Gwen with for her YouTube channel. It wasn’t anything officially endorsed by Omega, but the two knew each other from working in the same company, so it sounded fun to get together and work on some choreography. It was definitely a change from what her group S!REN typically performed.

The music was already playing, and looking around revealed Gwen to be in front of the set, already dancing away. Well, wasn’t she an eager one. Quickly he dropped his athletic Adidas bag off to the side, and sped over to her, jumping in behind her and instantly matching his movements to hers and the rhythm of their song. His body rocked behind hers, mimicking the same movements until they got to the part where his hand went out to rest on her hip. That was when he leaned and whispered, ”Thanks for waiting,” a light-hearted grin decorating his lips to show that he was only teasing.
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