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● AYO's Min.T and Class B's Jinni have been confirmed to be dating. This news comes at the same time that Newsound has debuted the pair's new sub-unit, 2 Namja Yeoja United (2NYU) with the mini album 200%, just in time for Valentine's Day!

● Young Ae Sook has been cast in the new drama "Hyde Jekyll, Me", a story about theme park CEO with Dissociative Identity Disorder and the park's new circus commandant who falls in love with both of his personalities.

● Happy Brand New Year by collab group NEWFAM has hit it at #1 on the music charts!

● Ahn Hye Shin, Xander, & Jin attack the charts with the #2 slot!

● Ahn Hye Shin has made her comeback as AHS with a solo album! After her long awaited comeback her songs and collaborations have slammed music charts with her unique voice at #2, #9, & #10!!

● After a world tour, ri$k has finally made a comeback with the release of their digital single Voodoo Doll!

● Polaris collapsed while filming a performance of his song "GG BE" with Class B's Jewel. He was rushed to the hospital and is expected to remain there for a few days. The rest of his promotions have since been cancelled.

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Jeung Jae Ki
 Posted: Oct 6 2014, 01:34 AM
Jeung Jae Ki
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Chae Min Ji
 Posted: Oct 17 2014, 09:07 PM
19 | minji
omega entertainment
S!REN visual
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lately i've been walking backwards

The air was cold and brisk as it kissed relentlessly against Minji’s fair cheeks. Her hands tugged at the crocheted cloth wrapped multiple times around her neck and lifted it to protect her ears from the wind. It was Fall again, which meant time to break out her favorite jackets and sweaters as if searching for some kind of armor from the cold. For the young idol, the best armor was her older brother’s neglected sweaters, since the memory of his love brought her more warmth than any cloth could.

The weather wasn’t the only barrier that kept Minji from her favorite past time of wandering the city these days; in a matter of months she had gone from a no-name ulzzang on the internet to prevalent star in the pop industry, all thanks to the big shebang that was S!REN’s debut. Whereas she was used to slipping past the clumps of strangers crowding the streets while largely unnoticed, the public was gradually becoming skilled at picking out her face amongst a group of average civilians, and they weren’t at all quiet about it. As the visual of her group, her face was possibly marketed more than the others (with encouragement from her parents who were major investors in Omega Entertainment) which meant just about anywhere she went, there was bound to be someone who would point at her and scream “Minji-ssi!”

It also meant no more walks outside without her manager around, or at least someone to be there to fend for her in case one of her supposed “fans” decided to take advantage of her small stature and solitude. But Minji had a long history of being cooped up inside (since her famed parents, for some reason she couldn’t comprehend, had decided to keep her boarded up in their mansion and out of sight for the first few years of her life) and despised every moment of it. It was only a matter of time before the clever girl began to think of reasons to slip out of the building, such as a quick murmur of “My mom’s waiting outside to take me to lunch!” or “I'm going to my brother’s studio really quick, I’ll be back in a little bit!” that held her manager’s faith for long enough for Minji to get away.

And how could she not get away, when the leaves were already shedding their summer skin in pursuit of a warmer shade of color? It would have been a shame to miss the first few days of Fall and only come out when the trees were already bare.

A subtle smile drew itself across her lips made pace down the sidewalk of the back side of Seoul, where the trees weren’t confined by the rigid perimeters of buildings. She knew the city so well, Minji could get just about anywhere without ever taking out her GPS; she did take her phone out often, but it was always for either self-portraits or checking each of her social media feeds. Anyone who knew Minji knew that girl always had her nose buried in her phone, as if life was much better on the other side of its touchscreen, far from the heavy obligations of the real world.

That day was no different: a few minutes ago she had stopped to aim her camera at herself in front of a tree with a smile, now she was scurrying to post it up on Instagram, all while continuing down the sidewalk. Multi-tasking was far from something Minji could claim as one of her skills, evident by the way she struggled to sing and dance concurrently when on stage, and she knew she should be more careful, but of course impatience had its way of getting the best of people.

Her boots moved forward as her fingers danced around the screen of her phone, selecting filters and what not. But then her foot hit something—another foot—which sent her body’s momentum forward without any support to keep her standing. “Omo!” Minji gasped as she quickly twisted her frame so that she could fall on her butt instead of her face (clearly she had practice in managing some of her clumsiness). Her white cellphone bounced on the pavement before sliding under the bench, her eyes following after it in worry.

There was a person sitting there, Minji realized and then further realized that she had rudely stepped on him. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” The words eagerly spilled from her pink lips as she pulled her face to look up at the man hiding under his hat. The person she found draped her in surprise: her senior labelmate Jeung Jae Ki?

“Sunbae-nim?” Minji asked, too intrigued to apprehend that she was still sitting on the cold ground under him. “What are you doing here?” Her voice was doused in innocent curiousity.

p.s. sorry i tots broke this temp but since i already posted i thought id leave this up for now and fix it later lol
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