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● AYO's Min.T and Class B's Jinni have been confirmed to be dating. This news comes at the same time that Newsound has debuted the pair's new sub-unit, 2 Namja Yeoja United (2NYU) with the mini album 200%, just in time for Valentine's Day!

● Young Ae Sook has been cast in the new drama "Hyde Jekyll, Me", a story about theme park CEO with Dissociative Identity Disorder and the park's new circus commandant who falls in love with both of his personalities.

● Happy Brand New Year by collab group NEWFAM has hit it at #1 on the music charts!

● Ahn Hye Shin, Xander, & Jin attack the charts with the #2 slot!

● Ahn Hye Shin has made her comeback as AHS with a solo album! After her long awaited comeback her songs and collaborations have slammed music charts with her unique voice at #2, #9, & #10!!

● After a world tour, ri$k has finally made a comeback with the release of their digital single Voodoo Doll!

● Polaris collapsed while filming a performance of his song "GG BE" with Class B's Jewel. He was rushed to the hospital and is expected to remain there for a few days. The rest of his promotions have since been cancelled.

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» This Is Halloween, Class B!
Shim Joo Hyun
 Posted: Nov 1 2014, 02:27 PM
Singer Admin
Twenty one
Class B | Jewel
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Tag: Class B! ♡

Notes: I left bits open so whoever could wake her up. ^^

It was a well known fact that Joo Hyun’s birthday fell on the late hours of Halloween, but with all of the drama that had gone on still rather recently, it had slipped her mind until Jong Hyun invited her over on the day before her birthday. The people in attendance were her brother (obviously), her little sister, and Ae Sook. She didn’t need a lot of people around her to have fun on her birthday; all she needed was a few people that she cared about.

The dorm was almost silent while she slept. It would have been if it weren’t for the whispering of the rest of the Class B girls and their manager; up to something. For the past few days they had all been acting rather suspicious; secretly plotting a small birthday party for her without her knowledge. It helped that after the party Jong Hyun threw for her she wasn’t expecting another one; she figured that all of the birthday celebrations were over. Na Young, Rose, and Jinni had been assigned to distract Joo Hyun until their manager could pick up the cake. One of the girls placed their hand on Joo Hyun’s shoulder and gently shook her in an attempt to wake her up. Her eyes opened—just barely—but the way she rolled over and mumbled gave away that she was still very much asleep. Another shake didn’t change much, so one of the climbed onto the bed, slightly shaking it. “Time to wake up,” a familiar voice sang. “No,” Joo Hyun whined and pulled the covers up over her head. “You’re such a cock blocker!” She huffed as she struggled to keep the covers up as they were tugged down.

Outnumbered, she easily lost, got out of bed and put her cute animal slippers on. As she got closer to the dining room the aroma of pancakes wafted towards her. She cautious crept over to the neatly set dining table and stared at a plate of pancakes—judging by the four empty plates around it, no one had had breakfast yet—that sat on it; they looked deliciously soft and weren’t burned. It was a miracle! “They’re edible, right?” she teased and looked back at her group mates. “Who made them?” Though she already knew it was most likely Jinni with some assistance from Rose (and possibly Na Young; just don’t let that mad woman cook on her own). Touched by their efforts, she gave them a warm smile. “Thank you.” She bowed politely and quickly sat herself down at the table; feeling bad that they had been waiting on her to eat. Usually she would eat seaweed soup on her birthday, but perhaps it was best not to have the other girls of Class B cook it yet. Jinni was still learning Korean dishes from Joo Hyun; Rose wasn’t bad, but Na Young was not to cook without supervision. Not that it bothered her; it was the thought that counted and she appreciated it a lot. They all dished up their pancakes, topped with their favourite toppings. When all of the girls were finished they cleaned up and got themselves ready for their schedules.

It was cloudy and cold—barely seven in the morning—when the group left their dorm for their first schedule. Unlike her usual active self, she sat in the back of the van, wrapped up in a blanket while looking out the window beside her. After they arrived at their destination they were greeted by the staff—including stylists to touch up their makeup. Her eyes widened as they fell upon the building in front of her. “W-we have to go in there?” she said in disbelief. One of the crew members explained to them how it was for their TV show; it would make their fans happy and possibly draw others to the group that didn’t know about them before. There are other ways to do that, without sacrificing my sanity. She pouted, which only received a chuckle in return. “Very cute, Joo Hyun, but you aren’t getting out of it.” Her pout turned into a glare.

Each armed with a camera; the four singers slowly—with Joo Hyun hesitating—entered the Haunted House. A camera man followed behind them, and another recorded in front of them, eager to catch everything. Joo Hyun positioned herself in the middle of the group, next to Rose, just in case something decided to jump out at them (as eventually something would). It was calm so far, but she wasn’t convinced that it was safe—it was meant to be scary, it was called a Haunted House for a reason. Still very much annoyed with the situation, she walked with her arms folded and a frown on her face, while she pretended that the camera crew weren’t there. Sure, they’d probably get scared too, though they weren’t the ones being filmed.


I'll be at your side
When the daylight's gone and you're on your own. And you need a friend just to be around;
I will comfort you; I will take your hand. And I'll pull you through; I will understand.
And you know that.. I'll be at your side; there's no need to worry.
Together we'll survive, through the haste and hurry.
I'll be at your side. When you feel like you're alone, or you've nowhere to turn.
I'll be at your side.
Seo Na Young
 Posted: Dec 29 2014, 11:15 PM
Singer Admin
Class-B | Rapper & Leader
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so wake me up when it's all over
tagged: ---

Quiet whispers were exchanged between the trio of girls as they began to sneak quietly through the kitchen. Unlike Na Young's normal personality, the party girl had gone to bed early and woke up just as early along with her friends. Jinni had to sneak in quietly to wake up the rapper from her top bunk, prodding her until she groggily got up without waking up her roommate Joo Hyun.

Jinni had a set menu for the girls to create for their darling little minx Joo Hyun. Na Young had....helped to put it kindly, or rather, caused more chaos and mishaps to happen. Happily Na Young took pictures of her messing up their attempt at making a great birthday breakfast, plastering it all over social media for their fans to see how they were going to surprise their darling girl.

Once everything looked nice and Na Young helped her friends out with washing the dishes used to create dinner, they chose to go wake up the sleeping beauty.

Unlike her prior motive of remaining quiet, Na Young blared Jinni and Rose's new song "I'm Different" through the room loudly. As soon as she had pressed play and turned up the volume as loud as her ears could handle she scurried down the hall in her jammies, a hood flopping on top of her head, and she protruded into their bedroom.

Jumping onto Joo Hyun's separate bed she pounced onto her room mate with a loud "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOO HYUNNIE!!!" nd she began to shake the girl vigorously in her sheets until the tired singer woke up. "Happy birthday to yoooooooooooou!" She sung in a purposefully bad voice against her ear to force her to wake.

Na Young began to drag her out of the room and towards the kitchen, nudging the girl as she joked about the food being edible or not.

Once the niceties were done for breakfast the girls dressed up and found themselves in front of the steps of a haunted house. Unlike the other girls Na Young wasn't ever very afraid of these silly things, but she did enjoy making her friends scared. Pointing the camera towards her face she smiled devilishly, then focused the camera back onto her friends, nudging Joo Hyun to cause a sudden yelo of fear.

Bae Jin Kyong
 Posted: Dec 30 2014, 07:17 PM
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Class B | Jinni
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Jinni loved her best friend Rose, but she didn't trust the diva to be quiet even so early in the morning. That was why once the roommates had woken up that Halloween morning, she was quick to task her with getting out the supplies they needed for the breakfast that had been planned out for one very special birthday girl. And she herself? She sneaked into the one other bedroom in the dorm as quietly as she possibly could. Light on her feet in typical dancer fashion, she swiftly and silently moved towards the bunk beds were the eldest two members of the group were fast asleep. After carefully climbing up the ladder to be closer to Class B's leader, she very carefully shook Na Young's shoulder and gently prodded at her in an attempt to wake the party girl up. As she continued trying to get Na Young to open her eyes, she silently wondered to herself- what was that saying again about poking sleeping bears? Oh, right. Not to do it! But this was a rare exception.

Just like typically Jin Kyong wasn't all that gentle when it came to waking up her friends, it wasn't common for Na Young to have gone to bed so early in the night. But she was thankful that the rapper had; it made it easier to wake her up without a) fearing the repercussions of stirring her to consciousness, and b) waking the one member that was still asleep. The plan was to let Joo Hyun sleep in, at least while the other three members put together a special birthday breakfast for her. And with Na Young finally awake, they could start their little plan at last! Jinni hopped back down to the floor off the ladder, and though she landed with only a very quiet sound of her feet hitting the floor, the girl still froze for a couple of seconds, her gaze locked on Joo Hyun to make sure even that small noise hadn't awoke her. Nope, she was still asleep. Good! Without waiting any longer and risking their cover being blown, Jinni dashed out of the room, moving swiftly on her toes as it was quieter to rush that way than if she stayed down on her feet like a normal person.

After tying her hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of her face- save for her bangs though she wasn't worried about those- and washing her hands, it was time to get to work! Though Joo Hyun had been kind enough to start teaching Jin Kyong various Korean dishes (she had only ever learned a very select few from her mother before she had joined Newsound), the girl decided that they couldn't go wrong with an American-styled breakfast! It was something she knew how to do well, and was sure that Rose was easily on the same page with. Besides, Joo Hyun had always seemed to greatly enjoy it before those rare times when Jinni was able to kick her out of the kitchen and cook for a change as nine times out of ten, she always ended up making American food for the the girls. And with Na Young planning to "help" them cook, it was better to go with something that at least two of them knew they could do well!

Making breakfast with the two other girls was.... Interesting to say the least. Rose was fine but Na Young- as much as she loved the older girl- was something else entirely. Luckily it got considerably easier when their fearless leader opted to just go and take pictures of the havoc she had caused as opposed to trying to lend a hand. With Na Young busy, it was much less of a hassle putting the breakfast together and setting it all out on the dining room table they had purchased earlier that year when Newsound had finally given them the money to properly furnish their dorm. Pancakes, eggs, a few other items, they really went for it today! Once everything was finally finished and everything was cleaned up (thankfully Na Young was just as good at helping with the cleaning as she was at making a mess in the first place), all that was left to do was to wake up the birthday girl!

And it seemed like Na Young had that well under control. In no time Jin Kyong heard both her own and Rose's voices blaring through the dorm. Poor Joo Hyun, if she was hoping for a restful birthday morning she was really in for a surprise! Then again she probably knew better by now- the girls of Class B were a far cry from the quiet and gentle types. Sometimes she couldn't shake the thought that maybe they were even louder at times than their male label-mates. The dancer laughed to herself at the thought as she fed her ever-growing kitten Pook so he wouldn't try to jump up on their laps in hopes of getting their food. Considering the fact that her ears could really only handle so much noise- and the fact she was positive that Na Young's rare ability to actually keep quiet was long since over now- she decided to lean back against one of the chairs at the table while Na Young dragged Joo Hyun out to join them. "Happy birthday!" she exclaimed in a cheerful voice, a large smile on her face. She stepped to the side to show off the three girls' handiwork, gesturing it grandly with her arms in a typical "ta da" type of manner.

Rolling her eyes at Joo Hyun's comment, she answered, "Calm down, it's safe. Rose and I handled the cooking. Na Young... Took pictures." Even though the oldest of the four had tried to help, it was the truth after all. From there breakfast came and went, things were cleaned up, and the girls all got ready for the day. Their schedules were clear that day save for one thing- a haunted house. Of course; Joo Hyun's birthday or not, it was still Halloween! It wouldn't be right if they didn't do something for the holiday. And apparently the plan was to go to a haunted house. In all honestly, Jinni was less than enthused. It wasn't that she was scared. In fact, that was the very problem. People in cheesy costumes and soaked in obviously fake blood jumping out at people didn't scare her. Who were these people trying to fool? Personally she would have much gotten a chance to dress up and attend the costume party being held elsewhere in the city, but this was some group event that was being filmed for television, so it wasn't like she had any way to back out and do her own thing.

As such, Joo Hyun wasn't the only one who was pouty about the trip to the haunted house. Jin Kyong had a nearly identical expression on her face, save for the boredom on her face that differed from the nervousness on Joo Hyun's. When they finally reached their destination, the girls were armed with cameras of their own to film from their points of view. Jin Kyong huffed as she followed the other girls into the haunted house. Looking around, she was honestly unimpressed and in no time was making those feeling known to the camera crew filming them. "Yah, why did we have to come here? This is going to be so boring. Do you really expect to get good shots out of this?" she asked one of the cameraman, who of course didn't answer and instead just continued to film her blunt tirade. She waved her hands in the air and rolled her eyes in an obviously sarcastic motion of displaying false fear. "Oh no, help us! We're surrounded by monsters and zombies. It's so terrifying, someone save us from this nightmare!" Her voice was just as sarcastic as her hand motions.

Huffing, her cheeks soon filled with air into one of her well-known puffy pouts as a PD told her to stop complaining and just try to have a good time. Then a thought came to her. Have fun, huh? Oh she would have fun. A small smirk soon replaced her pout, though she was quick to hide it again. "Whatever, I'm just going to hurry up and get out of this stupid place!" she declared as she suddenly moved past the other three girls. That same PD tried to call for her to stop, but it was no use so instead one of the others on the camera crew was sent to hurry after her so she didn't go too far unfilmed. Oh well, they still had the three other girls groups together. And if Jinni was lucky, they would keep it that way! The dancer slipped around the corner and finally put her camera to good use. She lifted it up and turned it around so the lens would catch her instead of anything else in the haunted house. Her smirk had returned as she said in a hushed voice, "They want me to have fun? Okay. This place is lame but at least I can have fun scaring the other girls!" With her evil plan quietly exposed only to her camera and the person filming her, Jinni soon fell quiet again, waiting for her group mates to get closer and give her the perfect chance to strike.

Lee Soo Jin
 Posted: Jan 5 2015, 01:13 AM
19 | rose
class b main vocals | newsound
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As soon as Jin Kyong began scuffling and rising out of her bed, a plush pillow flew out of the one beside hers and collided with the dancer’s body with some force. “Jinni…don’t go, don’t leave me!” Rose’s raspy morning voice groaned from under a set of covers, only strands of her fiery red curls peeking out from underneath. It was no secret to anyone in her group that Rose hated being alone, as much as she scowled at everyone and pretended like she didn’t need to put up with them, and no one knew just how clingy the main vocalist could be better than her roommate. This was honestly a regular routine for them, every time Jin Kyong woke up before her.

Slowly her figure rose until she was sitting up in bed and tugging down her black tank top while Jin Kyong gave her instructions to get the ingredients out for the pancakes, quietly. The added comment earned Jinni a pout as Rose waved her off and proceeded into their small kitchen to obey the orders, strutting down the hallway with a swish in her hips even in pajama shorts and fuzzy pink slippers. She yawned shamelessly as she opened cabinet after cabinet in search of the supplies their manager had gone out and bought for them the night before in secret. Eventually she pulled the lucky door and found the box of pancake mix, to which she gave a smirk. Honestly it wasn’t the most gourmet menu they could think of, but with the best cook out of the four of them being the one they were cooking for, it was probably the best safe option. Rose grew up mainly with her Filipino mother taking care of her, so she didn’t eat seaweed soup on her birthdays; she only told her Korean friends she did to sound cool if they asked.

She washed her hands, slowly with residual sleep still gripping the speed of her movements, as the sounds of her other two groupmates pouring into the kitchen stirred around her. Rose looked around at them with lifted brows and was about to ask if Joo Hyun was still sleeping when she got a huge SHHH and a finger put her to lips; immediately the singer glared and would have bitten the appendage had it not been taken away from her just as quickly.

Preparing breakfast for their birthday girl went more or less as planned; at least no one was injured. Rose was occupied enough with flipping pancakes to not have much to say, as she wasn’t going to stand for any of them coming out ugly or misshapen. Once they were all finished, she lingered by the plate drawing a cartoon cat on top on the stack with syrup because they were cuter that way. Around them she wrote Happy bday Joo boo! as much as the English letters would fit on the plate.

Looking up, she saw that Jinni and Na Young had already skipped off somewhere else without her, but before Rose could even open her mouth to yell at them she heard her own voice blasting through the small room to the tune of her and Jinni’s song “I’m Different.” And yet…even with the song blaring loudly, she could swear she still heard Na Young’s screaming over it.

Puzzled, she remained standing by the table as Na Young managed to yank the sleepy birthday girl out of the room and stumble her over to the meal they prepared. Rose placed a hand on her hip as she slowly subjected herself to the smile spreading over her lips once she saw Joo Hyun. “Happy Birthday, you crazy ‘ho.” The comment left her mouth twisted in a smirk.

She took a step back and let Joo Hyun sit down as she inspected the meal, to which Rose also rolled her eyes until questions were asked. At that a small spark burned in her eyes and she would have retorted against the teasing, but remembering it was the older girl’s birthday, Rose let Jinni handle it and just kept her own mouth shut.

The celebration was brief, but it was the least they could do when their job called them elsewhere for the day. To them Joo Hyun’s birthday was more important, but to the public what mattered was that it was Halloween, so off to a haunted house Class B went, and rather grudgingly at that. Rose sat in the back of the van with Joo Hyun, her arms and legs crossed as she glared out the window. No, she didn’t like Halloween. Rose liked to be in control of things, and being spooked and uncontrollably frightened into submission did not sit well with her dominant nature at all. Needless to say, she was not looking forward to this filming—on top of everything, she had to have her agony recorded on camera? It was going to be pure torture, but she felt worse for Joo Hyun. Imagine having to deal with people scaring you all day long on your birthday, ugh.

The wheels soon came to a stop scraping up against the curb of the sidewalk in front of the haunted house. The attraction had been open to the public all month long, but for this filming it was closed down just for them; hence why they had to be there at seven-fucking-AM, otherwise the company would lose business. Rose didn’t get out of the car until one of the staff came and opened the door for her, earning them a glare as toxic as pure sulfuric acid. The poor innocent man tried to offer her a smile, but Rose rolled her eyes and huffed as she grabbed her bag and jumped down from the seat into the chilly air.

Meeting her other three groupmates in front of the entrance, it took a few moments for the stylists to wipe makeup over their faces and fix their hair (thought it would be too dark to see much of them). Then the girls were each given a camera, which Rose was quick to point away from her. “Aigoo, Soo Jin-ah, you’re supposed to have the camera looking at you!” Her manager scolded with a sigh as he turned the device around in her hands. As soon as the man walked away, Rose held the lens close to her face and whispered, “If I die, tell Manager I hate him.”

Class B was arranged into a single-file line—Lil Bit, Jewel, Rose, Jinni—before they were ordered to enter the haunted house. Rose tried to hold herself back from digging her nails into Joo Hyun’s arm and just held onto it casually. Her eyes were glued to the floor, so she was relying on the others’ movements to guide her walk. She could hear Jin Kyong complaining behind her under a thick layer of eerie music, making the maknae sound far away when she wasn’t. It was dark, but she could still she something stirring in the shadows around them alerting her that there were monsters around them. Her grip on Joo Hyun’s arm tightened.

Even if your love ruins me and hurts me, it’s only you. My love starts with you and ends with you, right here I’m waiting for you, she sang her lines for their song Gotta Be You in a muffled mouse-like voice, just to herself (and probably the camera) for comfort. She needed something to distract herself for the next 20 or so minutes to keep her heartbeat from escalating to dangerous levels. Everything seemed to be going fine when suddenly a gust of wind swooshed past and harassed her right side, causing Rose to let out a short scream as she ducked down and hid behind Joo Hyun. Meanwhile they could hear one of the PDs calling after Jin Kyong, whose speedy escape was the culprit of the wind. Their maknae was already darting off further into the maze. “Fuck, Jinni!” the other maknae called after her. That was probably going to be the first of many words needing to be censored before their little scene could pass for television.

Slowly, she let go of her death grip on Joo Hyun and leaned against Na Young. “That little…” With her senses back in tact, she realized she should at least attempt not to curse. “… she’s totally going to try to scare us, freaking Jinni.” It was safe to say the girls knew each others mannerisms pretty well, so it didn’t seem inconceivable for Jin Kyong to try to blend into the surroundings and jump out at them; the problem was… when?

A loud creaking sound effect struck the hallway, and Rose latched onto Na Young with a yelp.
CLASS B | Why does everyone trust jinni to cook when she almost burned down the entire park? lol
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